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Commercial, Industrial & Domestic

Building your Environment for The Better

Within our refurbishment services, we work with commercial and industrial clients in the entertainment industry, the private health sector, commercial shop refits, scientific areas, social and private housing and undertake major warehouse contracts.

We strive to meet client expectations throughout the entire process, from original design discussions through to final completion.

Our initial quoting service, provides an opportunity for clients to put forward their aims and objectives for their project, B J Electrical services will advise the client how best these aims and objectives can be achieved.

Where necessary we can advise clients on the best products to use, sourcing and selecting materials at the best prices available.

Call us today on: 0121 783 1154 to discuss plans for your refurbishment projects.

Acoustic Guitars

Shop Fitting & Retail Development

Producing Change Across the Retail Sector

Working closely with designers, we install a wide range of shop-fittings to suit all retail environments.

We provide a skilled team to achieve a finished project that meets the specific needs and individual requirements of our clients. Staff are committed to providing advice on design issues, sourcing and selecting of materials and any other queries, to meet the client expectations.

Our working relationship with architects and interior designers, helps us to achieve the best possible results for your project. Through customer focused project management, we are able to deliver on time, in budget and with the highest quality workmanship.

As a company, we understand shop fitting and redevelopment within the retail sector, is constantly evolving. With designs now more complex, we are constantly developing our skills, techniques, equipment and expertise, to offer an outstanding completed project.

We strive to be at the forefront of technology, and use only the highest quality materials and equipment, for the job.

Our commitment to high standards, has helped us attract market leading clients.

Call us today on: 0121 783 1154 to discuss your Shop fitting or Retail Development projects.

Light Bulbs

Energy Efficient Lighting and Heating Schemes

We can help you save money and energy by implementing controls and schemes to suit you.

BJ Electrical Services provide focussed lighting solutions that are custom designed to meet client’s needs, in any environment and delivered within controlled budgets.

We work with local and national suppliers to find the best products and design solutions to meet your requirements. We source the latest energy efficient products to meet British standards.

Our Heating solutions are sourced to provide the best possible efficiency via the industry’s latest technologies, whilst adhering to environmental guidelines.

Our services include a survey of the premises, discussions with the client detailing the best possible options and solutions for particular spatial areas.

Call us today on: 0121 783 1154 to discuss how to save money on all types of lighting and heating.

Ceiling Lighting


Our tried and tested lighting solutions are designed to improve your energy efficiency and environment whilst cutting unnecessary costs.

LED’S are leading the way in energy saving lighting options. LED lighting uses less electricity than other lamps, even more than eco-friendly ones like compact fluorescents. For example, the equivalent of a 60 watt incandescent lamp, in LED terms, is around 6 watts.

The energy efficient LED lighting we supply lasts longer than other lamps. Compact fluorescents are expected to give out light for around 10,000 hours, whereas LEDs can last 60,000 hours. LED lamps provide a quick return on investment because of the lower cost in electricity and the durability of the lamps, as well as lower maintenance costs.

BJ Electrical Services will help your business change to an energy efficient lighting scheme, a simple move that can save your business from unnecessary power overhead costs.

The range of schemes, designs and lamps are provided to work with existing fittings where possible, to reduce costs. The area where businesses are more likely to need to change fixings, is where tube LEDs replace fluorescents.

LED lighting is now very versatile and is available in a wide range. The benefits of LED lighting are:

  • Instant start technologies
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Long life
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Up to 80% savings on energy bills

As part of our customer service, we show you calculations on savings, carbon footprint and energy output.

Call us today on: 0121 783 1154 to design, plan, and develop the ideal lighting for you.


As fuel costs rise, having an efficient and cost-effective heating system is vital

BJ Electrical Services will help you overcome the challenges and complexities of energy efficient heating installation and design schemes.

We provide expert guidance and support, specialist design projects, installation, servicing and repairs of commercial, domestic and industrial heating units, from pipework and gas boilers to radiant and warm air heaters.

Working with commercial, domestic and industrial businesses of all sizes and in all sectors across the UK, we are a trusted choice for all heating solutions.

Our services include:

  • Boilers
  • Pipework
  • Pipework purging
  • Warm air units
  • Radiant heaters
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Installations, Servicing, Repairs

Call us today on: 0121 783 1154 to design, plan, and develop the ideal heating system for you.

Over recent years and in conjunction with manufacturers we have developed and introduced a range of high efficiency ECA approved products, such as:

  • High efficiency industrial heaters and condensing boilers at over 92% efficiency.
  • Energy efficient variable speed pumps and motors.
  • High efficiency “inverter” type air conditioning units.
  • Optimisation controls designed to reduce fuel consumption and running costs.
  • De-stratification fans to re-circulate rising warm air in commercial premises.

The Government has introduced the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme, this is a “tax incentive” scheme for businesses, to encourage the installation of energy efficient products.

We can help with Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Schemes, as part of the initiative that included the Climate Control Levy and a tightening of Building Regulations.

Businesses can claim back 100% capital allowances on investments in energy saving products and their associated installation costs and can write off the whole cost of their investment, against their taxable profits of the period, during which they make the investment, as opposed to writing off 25% per year for depreciation, as the Inland Revenue would normally do.

Full details, complete with approved product lists, can be found on the Government website at:

For more information on any of our services or if you are interested in having a quote or site survey to discuss your requirements please contact us on: 0121 783 1154

Energy Rating

Specialist Electrical Installation Work

All specialisations catered for in every environment

BJ Electrical Services specialise in all aspects of electrical installation work. Whether your business is having scheduled or unexpected electrical work, or Electrical work is your priority contract, we can help, with a professional service and minimal disruption.

Our team of qualified electricians provide testing and accreditation services in accordance with current NICEIC approved standard installation regulations. We ensure that we provide you with a prompt, efficient service.

BJ Electrical Services also provide quotes, PAT testing, Inspection reports, nurse call and data systems, fire alarm – Emergency lighting, access control systems and Energy Efficient Lighting and Heating Schemes. We provide full assessments of your existing electrical installations, and advise you on potential electrical work required, to comply with current electrical regulations. Commercial electrical services include:

  • Emergency office/industrial unit lighting
  • Power sources & distribution
  • Office lighting & power circuit design
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Commercial fault finding
  • Security lighting
  • Telephone & office IT, Data networks
  • Door entry systems
  • CCTV circuits

In addition to our commercial and domestic services we provide work in the public and private sectors. We can assist with installations and design and maintenance programs. Our commercial Electricians deliver quality work that complies to the latest BS7671 Standards. We employ strict company procedures, enabling safe working practices with minimal disruption to business activities.

For more information on any of our products or services, or if you are interested in having a quote or site survey to discuss your requirements, please contact us on: 0121 783 1154

Smart home installation and set-up

Smart technology development, networks and unique systems, including high level installation to make your home intelligent

Most homes use some form of independent technology or security system. Often you are able to use any device to control it, however, it works in isolation. With our smart home installation and set-up, your technologies should be able to communicate with each other to make your life as a homeowner as relaxing and simple as possible.

BJ Electrical Services provides the opportunity to include smart lighting, audio, entertainment, heating and renewable energy, into one smart system.

Smart Home technology can bring a valuable extra dimension to home security, by utilising conventional security systems and the latest smart systems, which talk to each other, to provide significantly improved security.

A smart security installation will typically integrate a conventional burglar alarm, lighting control system, gate and door entry systems, external garden security sensors and the TV systems in the house. Through this level of integration, the smart home knows when you are at home or away, and adjusts lighting and energy use settings, automatically. It alerts you to intruders in the grounds, enabling you move to a safe area, or alert the police.

Technology now enables us to accentuate the best features of our houses through lighting, it can influence how we feel and even save us money. Smart home features make lighting a more integral part of our lives, thanks to sophisticated automation benefits.

Smart Home Installations

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